Certainly, Stratus International Contracting Company has played a major role in the course of our country's reconstruction since September 1978. The efforts made by company’s specialists and staff in the field of exporting engineering services and performing massive projects have always been noteworthy .Constructing Winding and twisting roads, huge tunnels in the mountains, huge bridges over the whitewaters, connecting major cities by railways, building dams and water structures to control and h water and also implementing big construction plans and many economic projects are among countless great achievements registered in the records of the company.
Exportation of international engineering by Stratus International Contracting Company as the leading company in this respect, certainly, is another great achievement in the history of the company and represents the determination, will, power and technical knowledge and the management behind this technology and knowledge-based organization.
Stratus International Contracting Company’s management policy has been formed on the basis two important and fundamental prospects:
A: Implementation of large and complex projects with the highest quality.
B: Ensuring the satisfaction of employers regarding the compliance with technical standards and adherence to project schedules.