Integrated Management System Policy Statement

Stratus International Contracting Company (Private Joint-Stock), as one of the nation's largest engineering and contracting companies and the first Iranian company engaged in exporting technical and engineering services, have adopted measures to implement ISO 9001:2008 and OHSAS 18001:2007 as a pattern for the Company's management system, aimed at promoting service quality and increasing customer satisfaction, and given below is the outline of the Company's policy:
1- "Continuous improvement of functions and processes" through developing and promoting the quality of business activities and processes by deploying recent achievements of the systems and management science aiming at satisfying the needs and increasing the customer satisfaction;
2- "Improve capabilities and increase competitiveness toward gaining a higher market share" through employing up-to-date technologies and technical knowledge, developing and improving communications, and acquiring necessary information about the internal and external markets;
3- "Develop and improve capabilities of the human resource as one of the major assets in the whole organization" through providing continuous staff training, implementing organizational incentive systems, increasing awareness, building a teamwork culture amongst colleagues and subcontractors aiming at achieving better compliance with the safety and technical standards and principles of occupational health while optimizing the Company's business performance;
4- "Compliance with national and international standards and regulations on safety standards and occupational health within the scope of the Company's business activities and at the Company's project sites" through preventing and reducing accidents at the Company's project sites by identifying and controlling potential safety and occupational health risks according to national and international standards and regulations; and
5- "Development and continual improvement of the effectiveness of the integrated management system" through regular and scheduled revision of management and controlling the impact of decisions adopted.

This policy statement denotes the commitment of the Company's management to implementation of occupational health, safety and quality management systems, and our colleagues are expected to assist this organization with fulfilling its objectives through cooperation in improving the Company's performance. This policy statement shall be monitored and revised (if necessary) in the management revision sessions of the Company.
Signed by:
- Management Representative
- Managing Director