Replacement of Access Road to Karoun III Dam Project

Scope of work

Construction of 8 km road with 11m width

Asphalt Layer:
Wearing Course: 4 Cm, 58,400 m2
Binder: 6 Cm, 58,400 m2
Prime Coat: 70 Ton
Tack Coat:23 Ton

Excavation: 2,300,000 m3

Embankment: 190,310 m3

Tunnels: 3 sets with total length of 890 m

Bridges: 2 sets with spans of 264m and 177 m

Concrete Works: 40,000 m3

Steel Rebar: 6,000 Tons


Khuzestan Province, Iran


Ministry of Energy


Hexa – Rahavar J.V.


Completed, January 2005