In addition to employment of a quality management system based on ISO 9001:2008 standard, this company has established a safety and health management system that complies with BS-OHSAS 18001:2007, and has set constant improvement as its goal. Also, after establishing the project management system in its projects, this company succeeded in acquiring the certificate of establishing those systems based on PMBOK. Now, for over four years, this has been the evolutionary path of this company.
Stratus International Contracting Company has gained the grading of the Management and Planning Organization (MPO) in the following fields:
Grade 1 in Construction, including construction of all types of buildings such as residential and commercial complexes as well as high-rises.
Grade 1 in Design & Build of civil and building projects.
It is worth noting that Stratus International Contracting Company has done some EPC building projects such as:
- Design and construction of 7000 Units “New Ojeda” Housing Development Project-Venezuela
- Design & construction of Parliament Building & Commercial Center in Djibouti City- Djibouti
- Design and construction of 1540 units of Residential Apartments in Eslamshahr City –Iran.
Moreover, this company has three other ongoing EPC projects such as:
• Design and construction of 456 residential units in Basra, Iraq
• Design and construction of a 220-unit residential complex in Karbala, Iraq
• Design and construction of replacement town of Baql-Abad in Kurdistan province of Iraq
Other Company’s grades are as per bellow:
• Grade 1 in Road Works, including airport, road, highway, tunnel, bridge, railway, etc.
• Grade 1 in Water Works, including construction of dam & side utilities, irrigation & drainage networks, water transmission, sewage networks, offshore-onshore facilities, etc.
• Grade 3 in Installation and Equipment


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