Message from the CEO

For more than thirty-eight years, we are proud to have participated in the construction of our beloved homeland. Despite the ups and downs, and stepping behind difficulties, the sweetness of constructing a better world has facilitated all the hardships.
Today, Stratus is one of the recognized Contracting Companies inside and outside the country and sees no limitation for construction. Our permanent mission is not only the improvement of the country but also to export the engineering services in which our company has always been the forerunner. Stratus International Contracting Company is the first company that has accomplished to export engineering services to the foreign countries in its brilliant career in the construction industry.
The export of engineering services has been started since 1378 and now we can be proud of those efforts in Yemen, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Djibouti, Venezuela, and Iraq.
The construction of major national projects in the field of road, railroad, buildings, dams, power plants and tunnels in the impassable and winding areas, and on whitewaters from the center to the most remote parts of the country, as well as expanding the scope of Stratus activities to the farthest frontiers are undoubtedly gained by the trust of employers to the company and is the result of enjoying a dynamic and coherent organization within the company.
Stratus International Contracting Company is the first and oldest member of Stratus Holding. This holding pursuits its activities in the construction industry inside and outside the country in other sectors of the economy, banking, business, insurance, financing, leasing, export, import and etc. thanks to the useful and fruitful business of Stratus International Contracting Company.
Stratus International Company has a bright and prosperous future ahead because the company’s management has a firm belief in the existence of a coherent structure based on the cutting edge standards. In this purposeful structure, the diligent efforts of staff and s ed workers are accompanied by the modern knowledge to offer appropriate services.